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About Bring It Home Fitness

Welcome to Bring It Home Fitness
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Welcome to Bring It Home Fitness Inc. Our name says it all, with over 30 years of combined experience selling and servicing fitness equipment, let our knowledge, and expertise help assist you with your fitness equipment needs. Our commitment to excellence is the difference, and your ultimate satisfaction is our goal. Over the years we’ve built a solid reputation for delivering on our promises, and at Bring It Home Fitness, value is simply the most important promise that we can deliver.

We provide in home service for everything we sell at no additional cost to you. You can always count on faster delivery and response times, accompanied by excellent customer service. Our in house service department is dedicated to our customers, and is not a third party service; and the customer is always our number one priority. Our selection of home gyms is composed of the nation’s most impressive, and most award winning lines available. Over the years we’ve developed a creed of value that is consistent of three things. Price (the cost of ownership), Product Performance (quality and longevity), and Customer Service (credible & trustworthy advice, and prompt delivery on every promise); we are poised to exceed even the highest of expectations.

Our client’s range of all ages, and come from all different backgrounds, yet obtain the same overall goal, to improve the quality of their lives. Whether you’re an athlete looking to increase your strength & conditioning, rehabilitating after a surgery, or even looking to increase your endurance for a hike, and other outdoor activities. We believe three things, “Live Longer, Live Stronger, and Live Better”.

Bring It Home Fitness

- Bill Hoskins